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 BM hunter looking for t6 raids :D

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PostSubject: BM hunter looking for t6 raids :D   Fri Sep 05, 2008 6:36 pm

Name: Matt Hardy
Age:I'm not going to lie, im 17 and i realise your limit is 18+ but i thought i would try my luck anyway
Character name (if not from Auchindoun please type in the realm also): Psyler
Race/Class/Spec:Troll Hunter, Bm Spec
Armory link (working on the badge trinket and ring atm Razz )
Important stats for your class: 1873 rap, 142 hit rating (fully capped) and 30.24% crit

Are you willing to respec if the guild wants you to?: Of course, i have never tried any other spec apart from Bm but would be happy to respec to aid the guild and learn how the new spec plays

What is your raiding experience?: I have experince on full kara, 2/2 gruul, 1/1 maggy, 5/6 ZA, 3/6 ssc. 3/4 tk and 3/9 BT

are your proffesions and what is your speciality in your professions? i am 375 skinner and am currently power leveling leatherworking due to anticipating its usefulness in Wotlk and is currently at 336
(Which epics can u craft/what rare pots can u do etc.)

you willing to take constructive criticism and suggestions from your
guild mates, and is it a problem with you to follow orders? Im always willing to take critisicm if it means i do my job better, and i always follow orders as if you dotn then things usually go worng

expect that u come fully repaired and use consumables in raids. Pots,
food, elixir's and flasks, are u able to always have them with u?" yes, im currently grinding money for my epic flying mount but am happy to put that off to pay for the potions i need, also i use my warrior as a personal cook Very Happy

Are you willing to use and speak on ventrilo 2.1 and also Group Calendar, with the other addons that are useful for your class?: i currently have both installed on my pc and am always on vent with my rl mates

raid All days except Friday - Staurday. Invites start at 18:45 and raid
ends at 23:00 (server time) Sundays invites start at 17:45. Does this
raiding schedule fit you? It fits very well at the moment, however Sundays will probably become an issue due to me still beign at home and having sunday dinner every sunday around a table etc etc

What was your previous guilds and Why did you have to leave them? Vanquished - left due to personal issues with some of the other memebrs of the guild

Eradication - still currently a member but the cause of my writing this app is becasue a lot of the main raid core have left leaving us calling off a lot of raids, and i play to raid

give loot according to the ep/gp system. (google ep/gp for more
information) Do you accept this system and wont be a lootwhore Smile? lol i am acustom to this system as it was used in vanquished and i swear i wont be a lootwhore Suspect lol!

What do you think that you do the best during raids? And what do you think that you can provide to our raids? I think that i understand the tactics of each boss easily and im not scared of wiping because thats what happens in progress raiding

Do you have any raid statistics (any WWS link or some other stuff) that you can share with us? Hmm not at the mo, i guess youll have to trust me What a Face althoguh i do have a wws account and am waiting to get a chance to implement it

What macro's do you use that you think are essential for your class? could you type in a few of them?

i currently use the 1:1 steady shot macro :

#showtooltip Steady Shot
/castrandom [target=pettarget,exists] Kill Command
/castsequence reset=2/target !Auto Shot, Steady Shot
/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear();

aslo i use a macro to keep pud happy at all times Very Happy :

/cast [nocombat] Feed Pet
/use [nocombat] Clefthoof Ribs

What are your key bindings? i use the typical 1-6 then i use f for fiegn death, g for md, tab for hunters mark and caps lock for pet attack, i also use f1-f11 for my trinkets, cooldowns , traps and aspects

Any information you want to share that is not obvious from your
armory link (current spec is not your raiding spec, gear is not the one
you would equip in raids, etc) nope the gear on my armoury is my only set of gear, no pvp set due to a dislike of pvp lol

What is your reason for choosing Prodigy? Friendly with Chebby and am really good friends with Leilana and she informs me its a very friendly guild. Also i chose Prodigy becase i knwo that they are progressing in t6 content and that is what i am after

Are you planning to continue playing WoW after the expansion? Yep, wouldnt of bothered with leatherworking otherwise lol, Also devilsaur pets FTW

What else would you like to add? Hmm well i also have a Prot warrior character called Darksand but i only play him rarely. But in rl im 17 attending a college and studyign to go to uni, currently unemployed because im too leet for all supermarket jobs farao

Psyler //
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PostSubject: Re: BM hunter looking for t6 raids :D   Fri Sep 05, 2008 6:40 pm

I can vouch for this guy. Good friendly attitude and committed to raiding. Has a lvl 70 tank also. Would fit in nicely.
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PostSubject: Re: BM hunter looking for t6 raids :D   Fri Sep 05, 2008 10:14 pm

well we can use the tank for the reasons grogar pointed out before. but I cant offer any raiding spots sorry.

but I know he can fill up the spot in case we need him and have an open spot =)

-Guild Master-

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PostSubject: Re: BM hunter looking for t6 raids :D   Fri Sep 05, 2008 10:37 pm

ahh well ty for the offer chebs but ill probably stick with eradication then (for the social aspect) as i would like to raid with this character, maybe ill work on my gear a bit/apply to a few more guilds , i dont mind playing my tank every once in a while but it bores me to hell lol

Also <3 LL for the good word Very Happy

if it sounds liek im ungrateful for the offer then its not meant to and if you ever need a tank if your in a tight spot then give me or darksand (whoever im on) a shout and ill be more thanhappy to help
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PostSubject: Re: BM hunter looking for t6 raids :D   

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BM hunter looking for t6 raids :D
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