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 Holy Priest, Prot Warry applying

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PostSubject: Holy Priest, Prot Warry applying   Tue Jul 22, 2008 11:33 pm

Name: Jamie Bryce
Age: 21 - Born 23/03/87
Country: UK
Character name: Pharmacy/dismantle
Race/Class/Spec:Undead Priest Holy, Tauren Warrior Prot
Armory link: I just realised I have logged out in my PvP spec and gear on both characters. I will edit this.
Are you willing to respec if the guild wants you to?: Of course,i change spec 3-4 times a week to pvp with so it's nps for me Smile

What is your raiding experience?: I have had my account active since April 29th 2005. I can screenshot this if you like.
I have been in 4 major Raiding guilds in that time. Pre TBC i have fully cleared and tanked Molten (warrior), Blackwing Lair (not tanked Nefarion only the spawns at the beginning of the fight) and made a nice start into Naxx and AQ 40, then TBC was released. After TBC was released I took a small break of 3 months to travell the world. After returning, sadly most of my guildies had left/migrated and well I took this chance to say farewell and start afresh and make new friends on a different server. I rerolled a priest and proceeded to level up to 70. When I obtained level 70 on my priest i quickly applied to several guilds respectively. I joined a guild who had just started Kara and had cleared up to and including Maiden of Virtue. With an extra priest and some more recruits the guild quickly progressed through kara, and i often gave suggestions and tips, which did not go unoticed and after about two to three months, the guild started to recruit enough for a second team and a possible start to the 25 man scene. I was promoted to officer and the leader of the second team/raid team to kara.
A short while later I led our guild into Gruul's lair and Magtheridons lair (before the LOL nerf of the cube clickers). All three bosses died first night of tries, with the easiest High King dieing third try, (maggy 5th, Gruul 4th). Soon we ventured into Tempest Keep to lewtreaver (who died first attempt) and Solarain. We quickly farmed over a few months and had a real 'core' raiding team. I then lead our guild (promoted to raid leader) to SSC. From our first footstep in, and our first Lady Vashj kill spanned just 5 weeks of raiding. My greatest accoumplishment. With morogrim tide, leo the blind and fathom lord all dropping in the same week (wed-tues). AFter SSC was cleared we ventured into Al'ar and Kael'thas, sadley as we all know. Kael is a big jump on the learning curve. Sadley over the three weeks of tries (our best phase 4) exam time loomed, and many of our 'core' members had left for several weeks. We tried to recruit more, but they needed gearing and learning the fights. I took a 6 week break to move appartments and sadly when i returned the guild was a very different place, alot left for many different reasons. So here i am now. Applying to various guilds to try and see the rest of TBC before Wotlk. I can offer you a very serious mind, an experianced leader and a very fun and friendly friend Smile.

What are your proffesions and what is your speciality in your professions? (Which epics can u craft/what rare pots can u do etc.)
On my priest Tailoring 375, Alchemy 375. I can also craft Belt of blasting and Bellt of the long road BoE epics. I can also craft various BoP epics, sadly not for you Smile
My warrior is 375 Mining, and after changing from Engineering to Black Smithing,well skills at 1 (I have to do something while waiting for a reply)

Are you willing to take constructive criticism and suggestions from your guild mates, and is it a problem with you to follow orders?
Of course, I strive to be the best i can. and I am always trying to improve myself, and of course fun \o/ (thats a person cheering, so you don't think i'm weird)

We expect that u come fully repaired and use consumables in raids. Pots, food, elixir's and flasks, are u able to always have them with u?"
Always, always, i've nagged and nagged my guildies to do this so of course i can. I practice what i preach

Are you willing to use and speak on ventrilo 2.1 and also Group Calendar, with the other addons that are useful for your class?:
I'm a big fan of add-on, even bought a bigger monitor to support more things to look at. (not to distarct me though)

We raid All days except Friday - Staurday. Invites start at 18:45 and raid ends at 23:00 (server time) Sundays invites start at 17:45. Does this raiding schedule fit you?
It's almost the same as my old guild, 15 mins earlier means 15 mins left to wait to raid Smile

What was your previous guilds and Why did you have to leave them?
As mentioned in my above post.
Hellscream:- Lunacy
Eonar:- Desire
Alonsus:- Spawn

We give loot according to the ep/gp system. (google ep/gp for more information) Do you accept this system and wont be a lootwhore Smile?
No problem what so ever, infact one of my problems is that i tend to pass to much. I don't like abusing my powers as a raid leader, plus i am a generous guy Smile

What do you think that you do the best during raids? And what do you think that you can provide to our raids?
I keep a cool mind at all times, i can heal effectivly and speak on Teamspeak/Vent also i adapt my play style to others around me, also i almost never panic. Unless it's one of those 1% and the tank dies ''FULL NUKE'' situations. We've all been there (rubs pacemaker).

Any information you want to share that is not obvious from your armory link (current spec is not your raiding spec, gear is not the one you would equip in raids, etc) I would greatly appreciate it if you could give me a chance to relog my chars into thier spec's/gear and wait for armoury to update.

What is your reason for choosing Prodigy?
I went to the recruitment section on the official forums so.

What else would you like to add?
Two things i hope you can read this application with an open mind, i am a fun loving young guy, serious raider and better friend.
I would liek to ask what can you offer me. Without sounding like a egoistic **** i feel i have alot to offer, and obviously i don't want to realm transfer to find out i have joined a broken guild.
Thank you for reading, i appoligise for the wall of text, it was a big crit. But i know, the more information the better.
Take care and good luck on furture raids.
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PostSubject: Re: Holy Priest, Prot Warry applying   Tue Jul 22, 2008 11:53 pm

Ok my spec is taking ages to update on the armoury. But here is a copy of my Spirit healing gear.
Buffed i am just under 900 spirit and ofc my trinket and 2 set T5 bonus helps mana regen. I actually gain about 65mp5 while spamming rank 1 greater heal. Like i have said before, I have researched many of the boss fights and i fully understand i would most likely have to spec CoH spam spec Smile.
Take care Pharm
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PostSubject: Re: Holy Priest, Prot Warry applying   Tue Jul 22, 2008 11:59 pm

Sorry all, please delete this post.
No longer looking for a guild.
I wish you good luck and hope you have a nice evening
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PostSubject: Re: Holy Priest, Prot Warry applying   

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Holy Priest, Prot Warry applying
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