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 Gruffz rogue apply

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PostSubject: Gruffz rogue apply   Mon May 19, 2008 7:34 pm

Character name:Gruffz
Link to your Armory Profile:
Are you willing to respec if the guild want you to?:ofc
Professions: full skining and LW
Flying mount: 60%
Ventrilo 2.1 capable: ofc

Approximate playtimes:
All days except tuesdays and thursdays. 16:00-23:00

which guilds have you been in why do you wanna leave or why did you leave?
pestilence, but that was on my old server. I've just migrated to Auchindoun.

Do you have money for repairs, sockets and enchants? ofc

Experience: ZG, MC AQ20 pretbc. Full kara, gruul, lurker in ssc and 1 boss in ZA.

Information about me: I'm a 16 years old guy that plays wow when I'm not playing football or when i'm with my GF.

Why do you want to join us? Cuz I want to raid with my irl mates Meedic, Gudfadern and Pref and they say that you guys are skilled and friendly and recommend the guild.

Rate your class skill : skilled enough Wink

Extra information: atm, I'm 5 badges to my offhand dagger and im working mostly on new weapons. later today i will enchant my legs, bracers and cloak and tomorrow my feets Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Gruffz rogue apply   Mon May 19, 2008 7:36 pm

Forgot to link armory
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PostSubject: Re: Gruffz rogue apply   Thu May 22, 2008 3:02 am

declined since we are full on rogues atm

-Guild Master-

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PostSubject: Re: Gruffz rogue apply   

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Gruffz rogue apply
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